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Instructions on bowel preparation

Three days before the test:

  • IRON TABLETS must be stopped.

Two days before the test:

  • Adopt a low fibre diet eliminating ceral, nuts, grainy bread, seeds, fruit and vegetables. You can eat fish/meat/rice/pasta/eggs/potatoes/white bread, dairy products.
  • If you suffer from constipation go to Preparation PREPKIT C.

One day before the test:

  • There are 2 sachets of Pico-prep, dissolve each one in a glass of warm water then cool in the fridge as it tastes better cold.
  • From the time you wake up, you can only drink clear fluids, so no breakfast, no solid food or dairy products the whole day.
  • You can have: water, fruit juice with no pulp eg. clear apple juice (but not tomato or orange), soup you have strained, stock cubes, soft drinks, cordial and tea/coffee without milk. You may also have lollies and jelly but avoid the red/black/purple ones.
  • It is important to drink as much as possible to avoid dehydration.
  • At 2pm (or you may start after work) drink one glass of Pico-prep over 15 minutes, then drink a couple more glasses of water. The bowel washout that follows is variable but should start 1-2 hours later. If you feel sick, call us or drink the next glass more slowly, say over 1 hour.
  • At 6pm or 4 hours after the first dose take the second glass of Pico-prep followed by 2 glasses of water
  • You should drink plenty of fluid to avoid dehydration.
  • You can continue fluids until 6 hours before the test then nothing can be taken except important medications with a sip of water.